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Year: 2013
Model: NPR
Body: Full
Chassis: Full
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Vehicle Overview
PRO-SERIES Heated & Refrigerated Food Transport Unit.
11' refrigerated body with six door access, mounted on a W4 chassis*.
Refrigeration is supplied by Thermo-King V-200 MAX w/fan evaporator rated at 7,160 BTU @ 35° F'. Temperatures: 0° to 40° F'.
Inside measurements 40” H X 92” W X 80” L with approximately 170 cubic feet of refrigerated space.
Oven is heated using the engine coolant system. Temperatures to 180° F'.
Body has white gel coat exterior and stainless steel liner.
Racking is configured to food handling specifications.
Payload: The recommended weight, which can be transported using this vehicle, is 4,300 pounds including fuel and driver.
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