Selected Vehicle Details
Year: 2010
Model: Ford Focus
Body: Full
Chassis: Full
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Vehicle Overview
HotTots are affordable, lightweight, and insulated fiberglass units with stainless steel convection holding ovens. HotTots are easily installed into most foreign or domestic pick-up trucks, cars or vans.
Using the latest technology, the HotTot Series uses your vehicles existing cooling system to keep your oven at your preferred heat setting. Eliminate the potential hazards of dangerous propane gas, open flames or food contamination found in most delivery bags. In addition, the HotTot Series ovens are weather resistant and durable.
All HotTot Series convection ovens meet the Board of Health’s temperature requirements.
HotTot Van Oven:
  • 10 cubic feet
  • Holds six full-size steam table pans, or
  • Holds 96 three-sectional meal trays
HotTot III-XL:
  • Holds twenty four 16” x 24” pizzas, or
  • Holds four full-size steam table pans, or
  • Holds three 18” x 26” sheet pans

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