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Year: 2013
Model: Ranger XL Cab
Body: Full
Chassis: Full
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Vehicle Overview
The Hotshot IIXL body is designed to fit on any full size 1/2, 3/4, or one ton pick up chassis. It is superb for larger off-premise catering, senior or child nutrition. It can also be designed as an all refrigeration or freezer unit for wholesalers/distributors with a payload capacity of up to 2800 pounds.
Ideally suited for off-premise catering applications the Hotshot IIXL for catering has the capability to handle parties of up to 500 people.
The basic configuration for the Hotshot IIXL Standard 8 foot body is 50% Refrigerated and 50% Holding Oven. Having proven itself over the last 12 years, in a variety of applications, the Hotshot IIXL Standard has evolved into the backbone of the Hotshot Delivery Systems.
The ability to mount this body on any Make/Model of full size pickup truck gives it the versatility that is unsurpassed by any other brand of food transport unit in its size category.
This unit can also be configured all oven for hot food only in steam table pans OR all refrigerated, for bulk transport.
All interior layouts & racking are configured to customers food handling specifications.

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