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Year: 2013
Model: Transit Connect
Body: Full
Chassis: Full
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Lots of businesses have a need for a vehicle with plenty of space inside to carry stuff that isn't necessarily incredibly heavy. For those applications, something like a full-size van is just overkill and results in higher than necessary operating costs for smaller businesses. Over the years, Chevy, Dodge and Ford have all offered cargo van versions of their mini-vans for plumbers, caterers and anyone else that didn't need the extra two rows of seats but wanted more storage space.
At 6'8" tall, the Transit Connect easily fits in a garage, but the low floor provides lots of room for racks of tools, parts or whatever else the owner might need to haul around. It will be available with either just the two front seats or with an additional second row bench seat for three. In two seater form, the Connect has 143 cubic ft. of storage space that is easily accessible from either of the two sliding doors or the 180o fold out rear doors. The front wheels will be driven by a 2.0L four cylinder gas engine in the US version, since Ford is trying to keep the Transit affordable and skipping the diesels for now. It's currently estimating 19/24 mpg city/highway.
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