Thinking about buying a refrigerated/insulated commercial or corporate food delivery vehicle?
Thank you for your interest in the superior products and services offered by Refrigerated Trucks and Vans. We'll work closely with you to design the food delivery vehicle that perfectly fits your specific commercial or corporate needs. To help us do so, please consider the following:
  • What is the primary product you will be transporting?
  • How are your products packaged (pallet, milk-type crate, boxes, bags, etc.)?
  • What temperature(s) do you need to maintain?
  • Will you need a multi-temperature zone configuration for delivering hot, cold and/or frozen products?
  • How much product weight will you be hauling?
  • What truck body length, width and height will you need?
  • Will you be making local and/or long distance deliveries?
  • How many times will you be opening your vehicle’s cargo doors per day?
  • Will you need electric standby to keep your product temperature consistent overnight?
  • Will you load your truck by hand, with a hand truck or with a forklift?
  • Will you need a particular bed height and bumper for dock loading?
  • For your rear doors, do you have any special considerations such as type, height or width?
  • Do you have any lift- gate requirements?
  • Will you need custom shelving and/or cargo restraints?
  • Will you need accessories, such as additional interior lighting, rear view cameras, diamond plate flooring, etc.?
Our courteous and professional sales staff will assist you in choosing the best configuration for your specific application